Effortless Sunday

This downtime is actually making me want to get dressed and go outside and do something fun. It's nice and sunny. Figures, right!?! I'm loving this put together and effortless look. And how cute are those flats, adorable!
Since there won't be any outfits for a couple of days I'll probably play around (and try not to shop online..too much...) and create outfits I'd wear if I was going into the outside world.

Deborah Lippmann, Giorgio Armani, Topshop


Click on each item for more information

Boyfriend Jeans - I actually can't wait for Spring to be able to wear boyfriend jeans with flats (or heels)

Shirt - I just love, love, love tees with blazers...especially the color of this one. 

Boyfriend Blazer - You know I love blazers...for that polished look.

ASOS Ladybug Flats - Love the name of these flats, how appropriate. I SO miss wearing my flats, Spring..hurry up.

Crossbody Bag - Love me a good crossbody bag. Perfect for running errands on the weekend. 

Spike Necklace - I've been really wanting a Spike Necklace and I think I might have found the one. :)

Ring - Love the stones on this one. 

Deborah Lippmann Nail polish - I really want to try one of her nail polishes. There are SO many gorgeous colors. And I keep hearing great things about them. Has anyone tried these? 

Lipstick - I'll always be a nude lip type of girl. And this one just adds the right amount of color.

Happy Sunday!!!


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