Floral Shorts

I know, I know... this blog might as well be re-named to
"floral addict" or something like that. But who can honestly
resist them in the spring and summer time? Or if you are like me,
even the fall and winter. Anyways... the weather has been
beautiful and even though I have one million things to do
that could really stress me out right now, I'm just going
to relax and enjoy it for a bit!

In other news... I have had this blog for a little over
a year now and I am quite satisfied with it, so now
I must as the question... What do you want from this blog?
Whether it may be more outfit posts, fashion/inspiration photos,
or closet posts, please let me know! I'm excited to hear what lovelies
have to say!

wearing: thrifted top & shorts & bag


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