Snow Storm

So, this is me on the third day that I was snowed in at
my boyfriend's house... as you can imagine, I had to
improvise on the outfit and wear whatever clothes I happened
to have with me hehe. I believe that snow however can make
almost any outfit look pretty against it. Anyways, I love this floral
dress and I have probably worn it about one million times (including
on this blog already). I said it once and I'll say it again... you can
never go wrong with florals!

Oh! And I almost forgot... I am holding my most prized possession, my
beloved 35mm! This little beauty brings me more joy
than you can imagine. Here are a few taken on this camera on the snow days,
but to check out more photos see my flickr.

little critter

pretty girl, aka my roommate

Me and the boyf (pretending to) taking a lil nap.

wearing: secondhand dress; f21 coat & tights; Target sweater, Topshop boots


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