Stringy Scarf

This is quite possibly the first time I have worn red on my blog. It must
be the only red thing I have in my closet, in fact. I love it for two reasons: 1.)it's elaborate construction, 2.)My lovely dad gave it to me!This photo was snuck on my
way to class the other day. It's becoming harder
and harder to take outfit photos these days, since daylight savings has
already taken place here in london. I shall try my best though to
continue with them.

In other news: I have been updating my flickr account
regularly as of late. I am such a scatterbrain, with ideas constantly
zooming in and out of this crazy head of mine. Photography is a
great outlet for whatever you can call this jumbled mess of thoughts
I have. My canon 35mm has been my best friend.
Here are a few I have posted recently:




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