London Bound

Hello All! I would like to first apologize for my absense in the blogging world. Much to my dismay, I have been the busiest bee with work and school and have not been active in the blogging community. I promise though, that I will soon have consitant outfit posting very soon. I miss it to much and I currently feel as though my creativity is cumulating, compiling and ready to over flow. There's only so long a blogger/fashionista at heart can go without expressing herself!

After much confusion and uncertainty, my fate has finally brought me to the decision that I will most definitely be living in London this fall! I will be leaving in September and I am ecstatic beyond belief! I will be staying in Camden Town, and I'd love to hear any recommendations/thoughts about this area. Let me know my favorite British bloggers. And since I can't contain my excitement, I insist on pouring my London style inspiration on all of you.

Photo cred:
flickr , face hunter


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