All that glitters

wearing: f21 romper, thrifted blazer & bag, target hat.

On a note completely unrelated to fashion: I have been quite fond of making lists. Lists about things to do in the next month, grocery lists, books to read lists, favorite recipe lists, top songs lists, things I want to do in the next year type lists... etc, etc. Continuing with this list making trend, I present to you my most current list of things that are simply just making me happy.

1. Discovery of the most simple dessert in the world: graham crackers and whip cream.

2. Seeing live music tomorrow in Dallas (Animal Collective). Nothing beats the feeling of being completely lost in a melody.

3. It is June! June is my favorite month of the summer.
. BLOGGING. I cannot even begin to explain the feelings of fulfillment that this medium of expression brings to my life. I also am so thankful that this blogging community is so supportive. the creativity and inspiration that bounces back and forth between all of us is just such a great thing to be a part of.

And lastly...

5.Great news was bestowed upon me today. I was notified that a house that me and my best friends at school/ future roommates have had our eye on, has opened up for next semester. No more living in dorms, Hallelujah! And best of all... I will be living with the dearest, dearest, ever so dear, Laura from Blorange Dice.

Yes life is good. What has been making you happy?


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