UGH today was hot. April and it already feels like 100 degrees. I'm sorry, but there is just nothing about feeling sticky and hot when it is only April! Well I guess I should stop complaining, because it did allow me to have this lovely afternoon with my dearest roommate. And of course I do like seeing the sun, there's nothing better than the feeling I get in when he comes out to play. Maybe if it were acceptable to walk around in a bikini 24/7 I would like the heat. Unless that unexpectedly happens, I apologize for my present complaints, and future complaints. Hah :)

Anyway... this hat was totally and completely inspired by the hat frenzy that is happenin' by The Stylish Wanderer. I feel like hats are the perfect touch to a simple outfit, and are a great way to accessorize when on the go. Plus, sunhats kind of work like sunglasses except they are prettier. And yes, I am just a little obsessed with these acid wash jeans. 9 out of 10 times that I have been wearing pants as of late, these have been them.

PS- The first picture is of my roommate. Isn't she adorable?

Wearing: me- f21 top & jeans, thrifted hat; Ally- Chinese Laundry boots, Pency top, f21 tights.

Tweet Tweet!


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