What I've Been Up To (Part II)

Absolutely no editing done on any of these!

Summer adventures. Cut short by allergy attacks unfortunately

experimenting with new cameras

Finding dream necklace... and rice krispie eatin'!

Hi, my name is Bonnie, and my talent is
severely damaging digital cameras. With my track
record of having to send in my digital for repairs,
I'd say I'm a pro at breaking it. Or just way too clumsy
to handle one haha. The bad news: I wont get my
camera back for about 2 weeks. The good news:
my 35mm is working lovely, and I have cameras
to borrow, wahoo!

So... here is my second "What I've
been up to lately", which is my life as of late
taken on film. Enjoy!

PS- I just made one of these things. Ask me
anything! http://www.formspring.me/bsbarton .

wearing: UO necklace, UO tank


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