Busy Bee

So, literally I have locked myself away this entire weekend doing projects upon project,
and papers upon papers! Well... okay... I did go out at night a few times, but other than
that, there has been absolutely no time for outfit posts or anything like that!
Anyways, I had to work on my portfolio for fashion styling, piecing together
clippings of things that tie in to represent my "style".

I think I made about a trillion
collages, but here are two that I think depict my style perfectly. Girly
by nature, inspired by edge. I find myself constantly pulled towards
dresses, bows, hearts and bows. It's been this way ever since I was a little
girl. The glamour of a dress was something I fell in love with even before
grade school. My mom tells me I insisted upon wearing dresses, and dresses
only, and for as long as I can remember, this has been true. My curiosity
though gravitates me towards more bold pieces, molding my thoughts
and ideas every day. Ah, one's personal style. It's such an ever-changing thing,
isn't it?

What inspires your style most?

Well I hope everyone had a good weekend, I have yet another busy week again.
I shall try my best to outfit update, but with Paris in a few days I may
unfortunately be too busy :(. If not, expect Paris pictures soon!


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